Our Story

We’re on a mission to make sure you never miss out on the important stuff. 

Gest™ founder Tony was sick of missing out on life’s important moments due to his lactose intolerance. His brother’s wedding cake, coffee catch-ups with his boss and pizza nights with his mates.

Instead of sitting by and watching everyone else have their cake and eat it too, he created a product that would provide on-the-go relief for the body and mind symptoms associated with lactose intolerance.

From there, Gest™ was born. 

Our Difference

We’re an innovative health supplement company that exists to help everyone feel their best and Gest™ Dairy Primer is just the beginning. 

We’re obsessed with solving everyday health problems that many of us (don’t have to) suffer from.

Expect to see us evolve and innovate as we come up with more solutions-based supplements for the modern day human.