Dairy Primer
Dairy Primer
Dairy Primer
Dairy Primer
Dairy Primer
Dairy Primer
Dairy Primer
Dairy Primer
Dairy Primer
Dairy Primer

Dairy Primer


Our unique formula is meticulously crafted with clinically researched ingredients that not only aid in digesting dairy but also strengthen and support overall digestive health.

Aus Owned & Made

60 Chewable Tablets

Money Back guarantee

Scientifically Proven

✓ Australia's most advanced Dairy Digestion solution.

✓ Clinically researched ingredients to ease lactose intolerance symptoms.

✓ Promotes overall digestive health and gut lining repair.

✓ Reduces bloating and digestive discomfort from dairy.

✓ Proudly manufactured in an reputable Australian facility.

✓ FODMAP Friendly & Certified.

✓ Chewable & Sugarfree.

Savour Every Moment, Worry-Free

with our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Benefits of daily use:

Breaks Down Lactose

Breaks down lactose found in dairy foods.

Digestive Support

Repairs stomach lining & supports digestive health.

Reduces Bloating

Relieves abdominal pain and flatulence from dairy.

Enhances Mood

Balances stress and promotes relaxation.

User Guide

Step 1

Chew tablet 5-10 mins before consuming dairy.

Step 2

Wait a few minutes for the key ingredients to activate.

Step 3

Enjoy your favourite dairy foods within a 40 minute window.

Active Ingredients


An enzyme that helps break down lactose in dairy products, reducing symptoms such as bloating, gas, and diarrhoea.

Targets bloating, gas, and diarrhoea.


A plant that helps reduce stress and anxiety, improves digestion, and promotes a clear and calm mind.

Targets stress, anxiety, indigestion and mood. Tastes great, too.


A herb with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and helps with mental wellbeing, anxiety, and other health issues.

Targets inflammation and mood.

Zinc Carnosine

A mineral proven to help with digestive health, ulcers, acid reflux and inflammation. It also promotes a healthy immune system.

Targets inflammation, ulcers, acid reflux and low immunity.


Dairy Primer

Other Products



Contains lactase to break down lactose with an advanced formula.


Often only contains lactase to break down lactose.



Improves digestive health by repairing stomach wall lining.


Do not contain ingredients for digestive health.

Maintains Emotional


Alleviates mental stress from intolerances by balancing mood.


Often only cantain lactose to break down lactose.

Delicious Minty


Tastes like fresh mint and dissolves quickly in your mouth.


Often taste chalky and unflavoured.

Why Aussies love Gest™ Dairy Primer

Take the First Step to Dairy Freedom

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